Our Training Philosophy

Your new weapon is not your new iPhone, it IS NOT intuitive. It cannot determine your level of proficiency and choose the correct shooting solution. It will not auto correct your sight picture. It will not justify your jerking the trigger. It will not compensate for your breathing. Nor will it auto load if you forget to chamber a round.

Your new firearm is lethal. No matter the caliber, nor matter the size it is a lethal weapon. Some people purchase guns for protection, but they fail to seek any professional training. They typically take the new gun home load it with ammo and place it in the top drawer next to the bed. When asked what they plan to do with it most people respond by saying, “it will be there when I need it.” This is like going out to buy a race car, filling it up with race fuel, and parking it in your garage, just in case you need it. Without the proper training, you will not be able to effectively use your forearm nor will you be competitive with your new race car.

This is where Green Tip Academy Comes in. We can train you how to effectively use and enjoy your new weapon.  Click HERE to hear more.


Situational Awareness

Pay attention to what’s going on around you. I will not give the standard pre-millennial admonishment to keep your head and eyes up and off your cell phone. But, I will say be situationally aware. This is not hard, but also not intuitive to some people. This does not mean you have to always be on guard and in constant fear of something happening. No, absolutely not, because that type of mentally will definitely affect how you treat people. I am advocating some simple steps that will improve your situational awareness.

Take about 3 seconds to look around your general area after you park at Wal-Mart or some other store. Take a few seconds to get everything situated in your purse or wallet before you leave the checkout counter and walk outside. Be aware of who is watching you at the ATM or at the checkout counter, simply make eye contact with them for just a split second, to let them know you see them and are aware of their presence. I am asking that as you are walking toward your car, you physically look at every person in your path and those in your periphery. Because, sometimes just the fact that you make eye contact with someone, who doesn’t think you are aware, makes you less of a target. These are just a few simple steps you can take when alone, with your significant other, or with your children that will increase your situational awareness.