Our Vision

Green Tip Academy was created by MSG (retired) William Wallace “Will” in 2016 after retiring from US Army Special Operations Command and observing many friends and family purchasing firearms for personal or home protection, but receiving little to no training. Training to familiarize you on your weapon is critical to your safety and to the safety of those around you.

There are plenty of top level shooting schools out there that will make you faster. But very little for the beginner to intermediate level responsible gun owner that wants to know more about his or her weapon. Like how to shoot it straight, how to load, how to clear, how to store it, how to carry it, and when  and where to employ it. This niche is what Green Tip Academy fills, in a ZERO judgement zone.

William has dedicated his adult life to serving our country. Starting as a private in a Patriot Missile Battalion and culminating in 15 years with 3rd SFG(A). As an Operator William spent over 36 months in combat, conducting over 500 direct action missions. William’s experience base includes CT/FID, Hostage Rescue, Kill/Capture and Helo based insertions. He served as both an Assault Cell Leader and Troop SGM in combat. William’s extensive experience in executing missions that were often opposed by the enemies most hardened fighters created his passion for teaching the application of marksmanship and tactics.

Will has attended a multitude of civilian and military shooting schools, fought alongside some of the best gunfighters in the Army for over 6 years within a Special Forces DA Tactical Assault Troop, and deployed on multiple combat deployments employing and improving the exact techniques you will be taught at Green Tip Academy. This is all to say the training you will receive has been vetted, proven relevant, given by professionals, experience based, applicable, and proven to work. However, it will be taught at a level that anyone can understand. This training will make you more comfortable and more confident with your weapon.

Civilian certifications:

Certified NRA Pistol Instructor